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About Us

No one person can take credit for the Bahamas' rich, diverse culture. We have so many talented individuals who contributed and added to our rich history. We have decided to give credit where credit is due by creating a website that will offer insight into the individuals who made us the proud Bahamians that we are! So as we embrace our 50 years of independence for the Bahamas, celebrate in grand style and read up on the individuals who contributed, continue to contribute to us, our well-being, and our history!

About Us
What We Have To Offer



Volume Sets

A great deal of time and effort has gone into assembling these on-going series filled with great video content that will last for years to come. They have been put into volume series and will be released accordingly!


Intuitive Directory

We will make it easy to search for these great men and women that have contributed, and continue to contribute to our rich history by going to our easy-to-navigate directory which will provide summaries.


Creative Videos

All videos featured have been professionally edited and assembled with quality content to give you a full understanding of who these great persons are and their importance.



Dames Ivy Dumont

Thank you for sharing with me the work you have done regarding the captioned product. You captured my story very well, and I trust it will be enjoyed by and offer encouragement to others - especially our students. The other video relative to Mr. N. G. M. Major, my old school principal, brought back memories of him, the Long Island community, and the roles he played in educating a generation of Bahamians.

I hope that Ms. Sharon Poitier of the University of the Bahamas (UB) with whom, I shared the items you left with me, was able to convey her enthusiasm to her colleagues. She had expressed keen interest in your videos for use in the Social Studies Department of UB.

I am pleased to offer my compliments to you on the extensive and careful research that is evident in your work. I trust that you will continue to expand the offerings and the marketing of them will be productive. It would be wonderful if every child in The Bahamas could learn from your videos, that adult minds could be refreshed with our history, and that U-Star Video Productions can be an inspiration to the public at large.

Thank you, again for sharing and best wishes for future success. 

I. L. Dumont

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